The Best Italian Coffee Beans for Your Home


Best Italian Coffee Beans


Italian coffee beans are famous for their quality and taste. They are desired globally. From espresso to Lavazza Crema and Aroma blend, Italian coffee beans are a delight. Let's explore why they are so popular!

History of Italian Coffee

The long, varied history of Italian coffee dates back centuries. The beans were first brought to Venice by Arab traders in 1683 and quickly became popular. By 1570, the first coffee shop, “Financio,” opened in Venice. This was followed by shops serving brewed coffee throughout Italy's cities like Naples and Genoa.

By the 18th century, Italian roasters had become experts in producing light-bodied blends with complex acidity. In 1861, Turin hosted an international exhibition with modernized espresso machines invented by Pasquale Fuscellaro. This launched Italy into an era of industrial production.

Authentic Italian espresso became increasingly popular throughout Europe in the 19th century. Ernesto Illy perfected cappuccino foam sculptures between 1950-1962, furthering appreciation for the signature qualities found within Italian roasts.

Types of Italian Coffee Beans

Italy's coffee beans are famous! It's a hotspot for coffee-lovers to buy their beans. There're different types of Italian coffee beans, each with its own flavor and features. Let's have a look at some of the major Italian coffee beans and their traits:

  • Arabica – the most popular Italian bean with a mild flavor and a slightly sweet taste.
  • Robusta – the second most popular Italian bean with a strong, bold flavor and a higher caffeine content.
  • Lavazza – a blend of Arabica and Robusta beans with a smooth, creamy flavor.
  • Espresso – a dark-roasted Italian bean with a strong, intense flavor.


Arabica is the go-to coffee bean in Italy. It has a sweeter and more delicate flavor than Robusta. Most Italian cafes and restaurants use Arabica beans because they don't need much roasting. This gives a milder cup with a complex flavor.

Arabica beans come from Central and South America, and Africa, with Ethiopia being the main source for Italians. The beans have hints of honey, chocolate, berries, caramel and other fruits, based on their origin. Arabica beans also have higher acidity levels than other types of coffee.


Robusta coffee beans are the second most popular kind of beans in the world. They are native to Central and Western Africa, India, and Southeast Asia. Robusta is hardier than Arabica and can grow in warmer climates. However, its flavor is more bitter. It also has higher caffeine content than Arabica. There are low-cost varieties and expensive specialty types of Robusta. Italians often blend them with Arabica beans for more complex tastes.

Most Italians enjoy espresso-based drinks like cappuccino and latte macchiato. They also drink love macchiato and freddo cappuccino with either robusta or arabica. Italian espresso is praised for its crema – a cream-like layer at the top!

Popular Italian Coffee Brands

Italy is a powerhouse of coffee! The coffee beans they produce are of the highest quality. Vibrant espresso and small batch roasts from Italian coffee brands have been gaining fame.

Let's look at some of the most famous Italian coffee brands:


Lavazza is a renowned coffee company, found in 1895 by Luigi Lavazza. It's the most popular Italian brand. Popular blends include Espresso, Crema e Aroma, Super Crema, Gran Selezione, Qualità Rossa, and Segafredo Zanetti.

Each blend has its own unique flavor. For example, their Espresso mix comprises Arabica and Robusta beans from Brazil and India. The Crema e Aroma blend is great for mochas and cappuccinos – creamy and intense aroma. Decaffeinated blends like Decaffeinato Intenso and Decaffeinato Evenina are made with Swiss Water Process, preserving the natural flavors of the coffee.

Lavazza also offers specialties like

  • flavored coffees,
  • organic single origin, and
  • espresso-based capsules.

High quality products ensure consistently good results in both traditional espresso machines and coffee makers. Now customers can enjoy Italian specialty coffees at home!


Illy is an Italian coffee estate, now an international brand. It was founded by Francesco Illy in 1933. The beans are from Trieste, along the Adriatic coast of Italy.

They offer many products – ground coffee, “Espresso Shots” for their machines, and more! Their signature blends are 100% Arabica from Central & South America, India, & Ethiopia. Roasting & packaging are done in Italy. They also have single-origin coffees from Brazil, Ethiopia & Colombia, sustainably sourced from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms.

Illy coffees have a sweet, smooth flavor. This is thanks to the nine-step roasting process – guaranteeing consistency and an intense aroma! Coffee enthusiasts praise Illy for quality products that compete against pricier options.


Kimbo – an Italian coffee brand presents an array of top-notch espressos, mixtures and capsules suitable with Nespresso and Lavazza A Modo Mio systems. Plus, it has a range of flavored ground coffees, decaffeinated and Fair Trade variants.

The espressos are split into four types: Oro (Gold) for intense flavor and crema; Classico (Classic) for strong aroma and balanced flavor; Gourmet (Gourmet) for ideal combo of aroma, body, and aftertaste; Aroma Bar for full-bodied coffee experience with beans roasted at low temperature.

Each blend has its own special touch from the place it's from:

  • Crema Delicata from Central/South America for a mild cup with cocoa notes;
  • Estate Arabica from East Africa for a nutty taste with hints of honey;
  • Espresso Siciliano from Northern Italy with citrusy lemony-orangy flavor;
  • Caffè Brasiliano from Brazil for caramel-chocolaty notes.

Kimbo beans are air-roasted with the mastery techniques that have been perfected over 50 years, to give the peak Italian espresso quality while being eco-friendly. We highly advise true Italian espresso aficionados to try Kimbo's products!

Where to Buy Italian Coffee Beans

In search of the finest Italian coffee beans? You've come to the right spot! Italian coffee is celebrated for its creamy texture and full flavor. Small, independent roasters or big-name chains – you have many choices when it comes to Italian coffee beans. Read on to find out where to buy Italian coffee beans and what types are available.

Local Coffee Shops

Coffee fans longing for a classic Italian coffee experience are in luck. Many restaurants and cafes have Italian beans from the country's roasters. From mom-and-pop shops to high end bars, caffeine-lovers can find a genuine espresso or caffè macchiato with flavorful Italian roasted beans.

These places usually carry single origin beans or specialty blends, so patrons can try something new. Buying whole bean Italian coffees from small stores is a great way to savor traditional Italian flavors without going to Italy. Spotting popular national brands will guarantee a truly genuine cup of joe.

The quality of these roasts may vary, so look into it before heading out. Thanks to social media and online reviews, people can easily stay up-to-date on where to get the best Italian roast in their area. Espresso-lovers can now get a sweet piece of Italy, no matter how far away they are!

Online Retailers

Whether you're after a light, medium, medium-dark or dark roast Italian coffee bean, there are many reputable online retailers to choose from. Keep in mind that flavor and aroma will be impacted by roasting date. The beans usually last around one month post-roast. It's essential to know the roast level for a quality product.

Popular U.S.-based online retailers for Italian coffee beans include:

  • James Gourmet Coffee: Specialty espresso blends and decaf coffees. Single origin and blended options of excellence!
  • Sweet Maria's Coffee: Small batch roasted specialty coffees from Central and South America, Pacific region, Africa and Asia. Freshest aroma guaranteed!
  • Portioli Coffee Roasters: 100% Arabica coffees. Roasting levels tailored for each blend's best properties.
  • Visions Espresso Service: Family-owned business. Imported Italian-style blends, free from preservatives and additives.
  • Trabocca: 20+ years of experience. Green bean buying and exporting for worldwide cafes. Fresh speciality Arabica beans for customers.

Brewing Tips

A modern classic is Italian-style espresso coffee. To make it perfectly, you need the right ingredients and knowledge. Coffee beans will significantly influence the result. In this article, we talk about the top beans for Italian espresso and tips to get the most out of them.

Choose the Right Grind

Grind size is vital for espresso. The grind size affects the flavor. A finer grind gives a stronger cup with less time. The type of espresso machine also matters. A “puck” gives more flavor than a coarser grind. For Italian-style coffee, use a fine grind. Too coarse and it'll be under extracted. Too fine and it'll be over extracted. A burr grinder makes finding the right grind size easier. Experiment until you find the “sweet spot” for taste and texture. It's worth the effort.

Use Fresh Water

If you want the perfect cup of Italian coffee, cold, fresh water is key. It's important to find the right balance of acids and oils. Usually, water hardness should be between 50 and 150 ppm. Check with your local water authority for what's best in your area.

If you can, use filtered or bottled springwater or distilled water for Italian espresso. Tap water can work too, as long as it's been filtered for chlorine and chemicals. Don't use white vinegar to neutralize hard waters – it could change the flavor and aroma.

For the best flavor and longest shelf-life, store premium Italian coffee beans in airtight containers. Keep them away from heat, light and oxygen. Also, measure carefully, and grind dark roasts separately on different settings. This enhances their full-bodied flavor and creates unique velvet aromas with harmonious notes of spice and nuts. Delicious!

Use the Right Amount of Coffee

For a perfect espresso, use 7 grams of freshly ground coffee. This balanced amount will give you the ideal flavours and aroma from the beans. Too much and it'll be bitter or burned; too little and it'll be weak and watery.

If using an espresso machine, make sure the filter basket is evenly filled so extraction is even. If using manual brewing, measure the right amount of grounds for your cup size to save time and get consistent results.

Store Italian coffee beans in airtight containers, away from heat and light, so their aroma and flavour stay fresh. To keep grounds fresh, buy in small quantities and grind no more than 30 seconds before use. This way, your first sip will be as fresh as possible!


Finally, you'll be sure to come across the ideal Italian coffee bean for your taste and preference. Whether you want a light, soft flavor with no roasted notes, or a bold, strong roast with smoky undertones and some bitterness, Italian espresso beans have a lot of options!

Ensure you consider regional differences in production, roasting, and flavor when looking for Italian espresso beans.

Do your research on the various Italian coffee brands available. Each variety has its own individual characteristics. So, ask questions and understand what each type will give you in terms of flavor. By exploring all the options, you can find precisely what your local coffee scene is lacking from an Italian coffee point of view!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What makes Italian coffee beans better than other types of beans?

A: Italian coffee beans are often considered superior due to their rich, bold flavor and strong aroma. They are typically roasted longer and at higher temperatures compared to other beans, which gives them a unique taste profile.

Q: What are some of the best Italian coffee bean brands?

A: Some of the most popular and highly-rated Italian coffee bean brands include Lavazza, Illy, Segafredo, and Kimbo.

Q: Are there any health benefits to drinking Italian coffee made from these beans?

A: Studies have shown that moderate coffee consumption can have health benefits, such as reducing the risk of depression and certain types of cancer. However, excessive coffee consumption can have negative effects on health, so it is important to consume in moderation.

Q: Can Italian coffee beans be used in any type of coffee maker?

A: Yes, Italian coffee beans can be used in any type of coffee maker, including espresso machines, drip coffee makers, and French presses.

Q: Can Italian coffee beans be purchased online?

A: Yes, many Italian coffee bean brands can be purchased online through websites like Amazon and the manufacturer's own website.

Q: How should Italian coffee beans be stored to maintain freshness?

A: Italian coffee beans should be stored in an airtight container in a cool, dark place. Avoid storing them in the freezer or refrigerator, as this can affect the flavor and quality of the beans.


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