The Best Philz Coffee Beans for Your HomeBrew


Best Philz Coffee Beans


For close to twenty years, Philz Coffee has been a San Fran icon. Its special mix of roasted coffee beans and outstanding customer service has made it a must-go-to place for an awesome cup of Joe.

Let's discuss what makes Philz Coffee beans so unique.

History of Philz Coffee

Philz Coffee was founded in 2002 by Phil Jaber in San Francisco. By 2015, they had expanded to 25 shops across California. They specialise in custom blends – renowned for their attention to detail and creating amazing coffee.

The very first blend, Tesora, was crafted from 7 beans. Phil tasted each one individually to find the perfect combination. The result was a full-bodied cup with hints of chocolate, berry and caramel.

Philz Coffee is still dedicated to bringing fresh, local beans from around the world. They provide ethically sourced specialty coffees so everyone can enjoy a quality cup of joe every day.

Overview of the Different Types of Beans

To be a coffee connoisseur, you must understand the different beans used in Philz blends. Beans vary by region and can be light, medium, semi-dark or extra dark.

  • Light Roast Beans are honey wood, cinnamon wood or beige and have higher caffeine levels. Philz usually adds these to create a balanced flavor with acidity and caffeine.
  • Medium Roast Beans are cocoa-brown or woodsy, with buttery flavor notes and spicy hints. Philz loves this roast for its full flavor.
  • Medium/Dark Roast Beans have deep chestnut brown, chocolaty red or tawny mahogany hues. They give a bold cup of joe with smoky, sweetly bittersweet flavors.
  • Dark Roast Beans are very dark and give intense chocolate notes. They can be slightly burnt if pushed too far. They create an unforgettable drinking experience!

Best Philz Coffee Beans

Philz Coffee is famous! It roasts the highest quality beans for its signature blends. People love its smooth, rich, and full-bodied flavor. Enjoy it hot or cold.

Here's the scoop: Philz has the best coffee beans – perfect for making your perfect cup of coffee.

Philz Coffee Ethiopia Yirgacheffe

Philz Coffee's Ethiopia Yirgacheffe is a light roast with a rich, flavorful taste. The beans are sourced directly from Ethiopia to maintain the freshest quality. This light roast boasts sweet, floral notes, along with a hint of citrus and spice. Its medium acidity makes it perfect for brewing with drip, pourover, French press, or espresso machines.

The beans contain no additives or preservatives. They are also non-GMO, organic, and certified fair trade. Coffee lovers of all levels can enjoy this natural flavor without any extra effort. Start your day off with a pure cup of coffee!

Philz Coffee Guatemala Antigua

Philz Coffee Guatemala Antigua is a light-medium blend. Its aroma has sweet cherry, blueberry and cocoa notes. Its flavor has hints of tropical fruit, cocoa and jasmine flowers. It's perfectly roasted in Oakland, California and has a medium body with medium acidity. This popular bean is renowned for its balance of subtle sweetness and complexity. Enjoy it any time for a great caffeine experience that will energize you!

Philz Coffee Sumatra Mandheling

Philz Coffee Sumatra Mandheling is a top-notch coffee bean! It comes from Mount Leuser's volcanic soil in Northern Sumatra. It's cultivated to perfection. This medium-dark roast has a balanced cup, with hints of dark chocolate, dates, and blackberry. Plus, it has organic acidity that adds an extra special aroma and flavor.

Treat yourself at home or work with a cup of Philz Coffee Sumatra Mandheling!

Philz Coffee Costa Rica Tarrazu

Philz Coffee Costa Rica Tarrazu is a light-medium roast with a delightful flavor. It's organic, single-origin and grown in Volcano Poas region of Costa Rica. It's aged for 12 months in open air and has a mild, yet sweet flavor.

The cup has bright acidity, floral aromatics, and nuttiness. You'll get chocolate undertones and fruit highlights that provide a creamy finish and aftertaste. Each sip will be full of complex flavors.

Whether brewed as espresso or drip coffee, Philz Coffee Costa Rica Tarrazu has distinct sweet characteristics. It's an excellent choice for those who prefer lighter roasts but still want bold flavors. It's one of Philz' most popular coffees!

Brewing Tips

Philz coffee beans have unique qualities and flavors. To make the perfect cup, it's key to know what type of bean you're using. Here are tips for brewing Philz coffee beans just right!

Grinding the Beans

Select the best coffee beans. Then, grind them. This step affects flavor and aroma. Different grinds are used for different brewing methods. Finer grinds infuse faster. Coarser grinds take longer to extract flavor. Moka pots don't require grinding – paper filters strain grounds.

Tips for optimal flavor extraction:

  • Use a burr grinder for even grinding and size control.
  • Grind immediately before brewing for freshness.
  • Experiment with different grind sizes.
  • Match burning settings to brew strength.

Water Temperature

Water temp has a major effect on how your brewed coffee tastes. To get the most out of your ground beans, it is essential to ensure proper brewing temp. Most specialty coffees like Philz are brewed between 195-205°F (90.5-96°C). Aim for the higher end (205°F/96°C) for optimal flavor.

Timing is key for achieving the ideal temp for brewing. Start by bringing tap or filtered water to a boil for about 30 secs in a kettle. Then let it cool for 30 secs before using it to brew your Philz beans. This ensures no heat is wasted and no sudden temperature changes.

For precise water temp control, an electric gooseneck stovetop type kettle can be bought. Note: If using an electric gooseneck kettle with preprogrammed settings (like Fellow), use 205 F as the setting when brewing coffee or espresso – NOT boiling!

Brewing Time

Brewing time impacts your coffee's acidity, taste, and body. It's up to you what works best for you. If you want to lower the acidity, go for a longer brew time. Or change the grind size for a faster or slower extraction.

Here are some tips for different brewing methods:

  • Pour-over: Extract optimally with 3-4 minutes of brew time.
  • French Press: Let it extract for 4 minutes before plunging.
  • AeroPress: 1-2 minutes for milder, 2-3 minutes for more flavor.
  • Drip machine/automatic brewer: 4-5 minutes for full extraction.


Choosing the right Philz Coffee beans is key for a flavorful brew! Variety & flavor notes, roast & origins vary to meet your tastes. To make an informed decision, know the basics of Philz coffees – the available varieties and their unique flavors.

For a bright & fruity cup or a bold & dark roast, Philz has something just right for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the best philz coffee beans?

The best philz coffee beans are subjective and depend on personal taste preferences. However, some popular options include the Tesora blend, Jacob’s wonderbar, and Philtered Soul.

2. Where can I buy philz coffee beans?

Philz coffee beans can be purchased online on the company’s website or in store at any of their locations throughout the United States.

3. What makes philz coffee beans different from other brands?

Philz coffee beans are known for their unique blends that are created with carefully selected beans from around the world. Each blend is roasted and handcrafted in small batches to ensure optimal flavor and freshness.

4. Do philz coffee beans come in decaf varieties?

Yes, philz coffee beans are available in decaf varieties for those who want to enjoy the taste of philz coffee without the caffeine.

5. Are philz coffee beans organic?

Philz coffee beans are not certified organic, but the company does strive to source beans that are grown using sustainable and eco-friendly practices.

6. Can I grind philz coffee beans at home?

Yes, philz coffee beans can be ground at home using a coffee grinder to ensure the freshest cup of coffee possible.


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